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Learn how to control your finances before they control you! These free courses cover a variety of topics to help you to make educated financial decisions, including how to read a credit report, making wise investments, planning a budget, tips for buying a car, picking a mortgage, and choosing the right financial institution for your needs.

Tracking and Budgeting Your Money

Learn the basics of keeping track of your money, creating a budget and planning your finances.
Estimated Duration: 35 minutes

Net Worth, Savings and Personal Credit

Learn about how to determine your net worth, ways to save your money, and how loans and interest work.
Estimated Duration: 35 minutes

Managing Consumer Credit and Debt

Learn about consumer loans, paying off debt, calculating interest and managing consumer credit and debt.
Estimated Duration: 25 minutes

Investing, Insurance and Retirement

Learn about planning for retirement, preparing and investing plan and how insurance options can create financial stability.
Estimated Duration: 40 minutes

Financial Literacy (Course Retired)

The modules of this course have been split out into the other four courses available above. If you completed this course in the past, you can access your certificate of completion from the "My Courses" area after logging into your account.